Vampire by Jane, aged 9, from East Dunbartonshire

A brave young boy meets a fearsome vampire, their expressions reflecting a mix of fear and curiosity, in a captivating storybook illustration.


Name: Jane

Age: 9

Location: East Dunbartonshire


A young boy finds himself facing a fearsome vampire, read as the story unfolds.


Blood dribbling down her chin, Her heart not beating, but full of sin. Children trembling in their beds with fright, Wondering who will be her victim tonight. Her cape drags along the street, Footsteps echoing on the concrete. Head tilted, she sniffs the air, Sensing a child is not far from there. She bursts into the room, her fangs bared, The unlucky little boy is awfully scared. She races towards him, and lunges for his neck… But nobody knows what happens next. Did she get him, is he dead? Or maybe he got away instead? Although one thing is true, one thing’s for sure, That vampires live forever more.

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