The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Book & Author Info

Book Title: The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Book Author: Kate Saunders Book

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop Plot

“The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop” follows the adventures of Oz and Lily, two twins who move into a mysterious house that also houses a chocolate shop. Little do they know that the chocolate shop is not just an ordinary shop. It is filled with magical secrets and haunted by ghosts.

As Oz and Lily settle into their new home, they discover gold chocolate molds with magical powers. These molds attract not only the ghosts but also a group of evil villains who are determined to obtain the secrets of the magical chocolate.

The twins find themselves caught up in a thrilling mission as they join forces with talking animals like Demerara the cat and Spike the rat. Together, they must protect the magical chocolate and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Throughout their journey, Oz and Lily encounter unexpected twists, face dangerous situations, and discover the true extent of their own abilities. Along the way, they learn about friendship, bravery, and the power of imagination.

Will the twins be able to outwit the villains and protect the magical chocolate? Join Oz and Lily in “The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop” to find out!

Publisher Info

First published: February 2012

This edition published by: Marion Lloyd Books Text © Kate Saunders 2012

ISBN: 978-1407129860

Text © Kate Saunders 2012

Children’s Reviews

Jessica, aged 10: Best book ever! This book is full of excitement from beginning to end! Rating: 5/5

Mariya, aged 10: I love this book. The characters had various emotions and they all fit in. Kate Saunders made the fantasy book feel real. Fantastico! Rating: 5/5

Raheema, aged 10: I thought that The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop was a good book, but I didn’t like it that much because it was too confusing and I didn’t know what was going on. My favorite character was Demerara because she always has a clever plan, and it always works. My favorite part was when Oz got caught by Isadore. Rating: 3/5

Aimie, aged 9: I liked this book a lot. It is about two twins who move into a house, and a man came to steal the boy, and the girl and her friend have to rescue him. The boy gets taken to Jamaica, and eventually, the girl and her friend save him. Rating: 4/5

Beth, aged 11: This book is very imaginative and exciting. It is about some twins (a boy and a girl) who move into a very interesting house. There, they meet a talking, bossy cat, a smoking, dirty rat, and a playful, invisible elephant. Rating: 4/5

Thomas, aged 10: Great book! I think that the book’s characters are brilliant, and the story is also very easy to get into. Rating: 5/5

Holly, aged 9: The book was okay, but it got boring slightly. But apart from that, the book was good. My favorite character was Lilly the little girl. I would recommend this to someone who likes adventures. Rating: 3/5

Ruby, aged 11: I liked this book; it was fascinating and exciting. Rating: 4/5

Aisha, aged 10: The book The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop was an adventurous book, and it was full of exciting characters. My favorite character was the mouse, Spike. He was an energetic little animal! This book was the first FBA book I read and got me hooked so much!! I would recommend this to anyone who is in Yr5, Yr6, or even Yr7. It was great! Rating: 5/5

Alex, aged 10: This book is great; it is full of magic. I recommend this book to all readers who want a book that will make them laugh! Rating: 5/5

Ellie, aged 10: Really good book, but not my type. I couldn’t get into it. Would recommend it to all readers. Rating: 3/5

Taiyba, aged 10: My favorite part was when Isadore was good and tried to help Oz (Oscar). The characters in the story are Mum, Dad, Demerara, Spike, Lily, Oz, Marcel, Uncle Pierre, Isadore, and Elvira. My favorite characters were Oz, Isadore, and Demerara. I like Isadore because he is bad in one part of the story and then he is good in the other part. I like Oz because he is very clever. I like Demerara because in the story, she paints her toenails, and it is very funny. I would recommend this book for people aged 7-13 because it is very funny and easy to understand. I would give it 10/10. Rating: 5/5

Aliyah, aged 9: My favorite part is when Oz, Lily, and Caydon get to know that they are secret agents. My favorite characters are Lily, Caydon, Oz, Demerara, and Spike. I enjoyed this book because lots of magic happens. I would recommend this book for people 8-13 because they will understand it properly. I will give it 10 stars out of 10! Rating: 5/5

Nimra, aged 9: I think this book is great, but some words were quite tricky. Really, I just want to say this is the best book ever. I like reading about chocolate a lot. This story was fantastic. My favorite bit is when Oz gets caught by Isadore. Rating: 4/5

Moizz, aged 10: I thought the book was good. I liked the detail of the book, how the author described the characters and the setting. I liked the Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop a lot. Rating: 4/5

Lewis, aged 10: It was okay, but I wouldn’t recommend this because it doesn’t make you want to read on. Rating: 2/5

Hamna, aged 10: I enjoyed this book because it was really interesting, and I like magical stories. My favorite character was Isadore because he was really caring and nice to Oz at the end, like a babysitter. Rating: 4/5

Abdur, aged 10: I enjoyed this book because it was a mysterious story, and all the people were really special. I really liked the bit where the cat swallowed the bean, and he turned big and enormous! My favorite character has to be the cat because he turned big and fat, and he liked lipstick. Rating: 4/5

Aminah, aged 9: I liked this book because of its chocolate theme and the magical characters. My favorite character is Demerara because it is unusual to have a magical cat! Rating: 4/5

Joshua, aged 11: This is an awesome book, so pick it up now! So goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!! Rating: 5/5

Bry, aged 11: This book was a great adventurous book. It was full of magic. My favorite part was when Lily and Oz found the talking cat and the smoking rat. I found this really funny. I give this book a big thumbs up and rate it 100 out of 10. Rating: 5/5

Danyaal, aged 9: I liked this book because the cat is funny, and she tricked Lizzy and Oz. My favorite character is the cat—she’s really funny because she turns big and then small. Rating: 4/5

Amy C, aged 11: This magical book is mind-blowing! It’s probably the best book I’ve read so far. Characters changing from bad to evil, exploring the world, meeting the best days of their life in this magnificent book! Read on to figure out magical mysteries… Rating: 5/5

Saddiqa, aged 9: The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop written by Kate Saunders. Oz and Lily’s family have moved into the upstairs room in the chocolate shop. It’s a perfect room but it’s haunted. I like the part when the ghosts are joined by evil villains. I give this book a star rating of five out of five. I recommend this book for anyone above the age of nine. Rating: 5/5

Peter, aged 10: The Whizz Pop Chocolate shop is a brilliant book. I would recommend this book to a reasonable reader of 7 to 15. I would also recommend this book to someone who likes fantasy and magic. The main characters are Oz, Demerara, Spike, Lily, and Caydon. This book is about an evil triplet who KILLED HIS BROTHERS and tried to sell magical chocolate bars to a terrorist organization. But he can’t until he gets three gold molds – Pierre’s smiling sun, Marcel’s smiling star, and a moon with a stern expression. He ambushes them as they get the star, but he couldn’t get it, so he took Oz instead! My favorite part in this book is the parts of the mutant rat with six arms and two tails and the part about the invisible elephant. If I had to sum this book up in five words, they would be: An, Absolutely, Amazing, Brilliant, Book. Rating: 5/5

Danyaal, aged 9: The book is about magic and imagination, so you imagine what it’s like there. This book would be suitable for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and over. For everyone! Rating: 4/5

Mohib, aged 9: This book is about a cat who has talking powers. This book is suitable for children who are 8 years old. I will recommend this book to everyone! Rating: 4/5

Bob, aged 10 1/2: It was okay, but the setting was jumping from one place to the other. My favorite part of the story was when the guy was kidnapped. I think it is an adventure book. Rating: 3/5

Bubba, aged 10: It is a good book, but it could be better. I am still reading it. It is sometimes hard to get into it. Rating: 3/5

Katie, aged 11: I loved the book! It was epic! The best book I have read so far. My favorite character was Lily. Rating: 5/5

Jack, aged 10: The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop is a fantastic book jam-packed with humor. My favorite characters are Spike because he keeps calling Demerara a silly old fart and Alan because he is cool. I would recommend this book to age seven because it is hilarious but not under the limit because it has some violence and issues in it. I really did not like Lily; I thought she was boring and did not stop worrying. I would rate this book a nine out of ten. I like the part when they are being helped by Isadore. I thought he was going to trick them all. I was quite glad he died in the end. Overall it was very good, enjoyable, and brilliant. Rating: 4/5

Harry, aged 10: This is a good book. I personally love it to bits. The main characters are Oz, Lilly, Caydon, Spike, Demerara, and Isadore. Some of my favorite parts are when Oz, Lilly, and Caydon join the SMU, which is a government department for all paranormal and unexplained incidents. And when Oz changes an evil man into someone who would give their life to save someone else. Also when Demerara grows into a huge cat after swallowing a caca bean. And lastly, when Edwin saves Oz, Lilly, Caydon, Rosie, Norris, and Alan from certain doom. I didn’t like the fact that there were no illustrations; it would have made this book more understandable and enjoyable. I would give this book a 9 out of 10; it loses a mark because it can get complicated. This book is filled with twists and turns and a touch of magic that will keep your attention. I really enjoyed reading this book. I recommend you read this book; I found it funny and enjoyable. Rating: 4/5

Logan, aged 10: Oz and Lily’s family have inherited an ancient chocolate shop, and they’re moving in upstairs. It’s the perfect home… apart from the small fact that it’s haunted. And then they discover some slid gold chocolate molds – with magic powers! Soon the ghosts are joined by some evil villains determined to get their hands on the priceless secrets of the magical chocolate. My favorite character is Oz because he keeps asking questions like me. Rating: 4/5

Hermione, aged 9: I thought that this book was a really good read because it was exciting and fun. That’s what I like in a book. My favorite person in the story was the rat because he was really funny, and I’ve never seen a smoking talking rat before. I got almost every single word, so it was a really good easy book. One of my favorite books. Rating: 4/5

Aamina, aged 9: This book was an amazing book. I couldn’t stop reading it. This book was all about children finding a chocolate shop at the side of their house. Out of ten, I would give it 10/10. I would recommend this book to people who absolutely love chocolate. Rating: 5/5

Archie, aged 11: A fun-filled book from start to finish! The storyline had thrill and excitement as well as unexpected twists that made the reader want more! It was aged perfectly for me and covered most issues that other books have failed to achieve, as well as funny characters like Demerara the cat and Alan the River Police Officer. There were so many good characters that I can’t choose my favorite! There were many brilliant ideas that I would never have thought of in a million years! The whole idea of the chocolatiers and magic amazes me! I rate it 10/10! Brilliant! Rating: 5/5

Harry, aged 11: The book ‘The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop’ is a good book based on two children who become secret agents. Oz is captured by his long-lost great, great Uncle Isadore. Isadore had murdered Oz and Lily’s great, great Uncles Pierre and Marcel. He did this to be able to steal their magic chocolate molds, which would allow Isadore to become the most powerful chocolatier in the world. His plan was to sell the immortality chocolate to criminal organizations all over the world. My favorite character was Spike because he was a dirty old, smoking, immortal, talking rat who liked to butt into conversations and be a pain in the neck! Demerara was a sensible immortal talking cat who was desperate to kill Spike but couldn’t because he was immortal. I enjoyed the book. I especially liked it when they were in the underground tunnel searching for Isadore’s hideout. 8 out of 10! Rating: 4/5

Laura, aged 10: I thought this book was really interesting and fun to read, especially the part when Oz gets kidnapped by his Uncle Isadore. Rating: 4/5

Joynab, aged 11: The ‘Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop’ was a really good book. It was very interesting to read, and the author made every chapter very interesting; it always introduced new characters on every new chapter. I really liked that there was a mission involved with three kids, and there is a cat and a rat also involved who can speak and are also involved in the mission. Rating: 4/5

Chloe, aged 11: I really didn’t understand the book, and that is probably why I didn’t like it very much because when you don’t understand a book, it is very hard to like it. I think that you could probably really like the book if you understand it. Rating: 2/5

Feedback Summary

“The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop” by Kate Saunders received mixed reviews from the young readers. Many of them enjoyed the book’s magical elements, exciting plot, and humorous characters. The imaginative world created by the author and the adventures of the main characters were appreciated by several readers. However, some reviewers found the story confusing or difficult to get into, which affected their overall enjoyment. The book’s lack of illustrations was also mentioned as a drawback by a few readers. Overall, “The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop” seems to have appealed to readers who enjoy fantasy, magic, and adventure, but individual preferences varied.


  1. Exciting and imaginative storyline filled with magic and adventure.
  2. Engaging and relatable characters, such as Oz, Lily, Demerara, Spike, and Isadore.
  3. Humorous moments and funny interactions between characters, particularly Demerara and Spike.
  4. Incorporation of chocolate as a central theme, which adds to the enjoyment of the story.
  5. Twists and unexpected turns that keep readers hooked and eager to find out what happens next.


  1. Some readers found the story confusing or hard to follow, particularly due to the large number of characters.
  2. A few reviewers mentioned that they had difficulty getting into the book, possibly due to pacing or initial setup.
  3. Lack of illustrations was mentioned as a drawback by some readers, as visual aids could have enhanced the understanding and enjoyment of the story.

Overall Indicative Rating: 3.8/5

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