Time Stood Still by Joshua , aged 8, from Spring Hill, Birmingham, England

Children's storybook illustration of a boy holding a shiny pebble in a magical garden with frozen family members and objects.


Name: Joshua

Age: 8

Location: Spring Hill, Birmingham, England


Join Joshua on a thrilling journey as a shiny pebble brings his garden to life in this enchanting tale of magic and mischief!

The Story

One day I was walking in my garden when I saw a small, shiny pebble on the floor. . . but it wasn’t a pebble, it was a penny. I went inside to wash it. Then I rubbed it with a paper towel. Suddenly everything stopped. My sister stopped while playing on the Wii. My mom stopped while cleaning the display. My dad stopped while hammering a nail. The only thing that didn’t stop was me … This could change my life. The end.

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