The Reader and the Old Library by Lisa, aged 10, from Inverclyde, Scotland

Rani, a curious and adventurous girl, immerses herself in a whimsical world of books, surrounded by enchanted landscapes, hidden treasures, and colorful illustrations.


Name: Lisa

Age: 10

Location: Inverclyde, Scotland


Join Rani on an exciting journey through books as she discovers a hidden treasure, encounters mysterious posters, and unlocks the magic of imagination in a whimsical and enchanting story.


Rani loved reading. In her room, walking down the street or even in her sleep. One day Rani was trying to find her favourite book, when she found an old looking book called Journey to the Lost Land. It didn’t look long to read this book and make it her favourite. She was walking down the street one day and reading a book when she found herself walking into an old, deserted building. Rani looked around and saw it was full of old books but the one that stood out to her was a bright coloured poster. Well, a piece of a poster with a piece of paper attached saying : Find More Pieces Around This Library. There is three bits in total. Rani found one on top of an old bookshelf. She couldn’t find the last one so she decided to give up. When she was walking out she found the last piece on a poster for the Journey to the Lost Land! Rani stuck the pieces together and it was a poster for the new book from D. K. Bookworm who wrote The Journey to the Lost Land. It was called Living in the Lost Land. So she bought and read it straight away!

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