The Optition by Alice, aged 7, from Scotland

The moment when Alice, with a big smile on her face, is sitting in the optician's chair while the optician tests her eyes.


Author: Allice

Age: 7

Location: Scotland


Alice visits an optician with her mom and gets a surprise during the eye test. She ends up making her own pair of glasses and discovers the joy of creativity and imagination.

The Story

One day I went with my mum to get my eyes test I really wanted a pair of glasses when the other girl came out it was my turn. my mum said be brave then a lady put the lights off. the lady said what does this say. i got them all correct so she said that I do not need glasses. I was a bit upset. so my mum thought and said how about we make a pair. I said that is a very good idea so I got and made a pair of glasses I invited my friend over and we made a pair of glasses. I like my new pair of glasses they are very nice THE END

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