The Day Before Yesterday by Meranie, aged 9, from Luton, England

Children's Storybook Illustration of the Bean-Man, Plate, Fork, and Sheep on a Quest


Name: Meranie

Age: 9

Location: Luton, England


Join the bean-man, the plate, and the fork as they embark on a whimsical quest to find the knife and the spoon, only to encounter a mischievous and powerful bean-man named Sheep who can turn back time in the land of ridiculous times.

The Story

One day in the land of ridiculous times there lived a bean-man, a plate and a fork. They were going on a quest to find the knife and the spoon. Suddenly a flash of light stung their eyes and they fell on the ground, when they woke they found a big evil bean-man called Sheep. He turned the world into the day before yesterday. That’s how it all began!!

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