The Beast Within by Chris, aged 11, from Perth and Kinross, Scotland

A brave young hero stands fearlessly before a menacing beast in a dark and atmospheric setting, ready to face their darkest fears and overcome challenges.


Name: Chris

Age: 11

Location: Perth and Kinross, Scotland


Follow the thrilling tale of a young hero who must confront the beast within and find the strength to overcome his darkest fears.


It was charging at me with claws like knives and a breath like a sewer rat. It suddenly came to a halt about 10 feet away from me and roared. I ran up to it and tried to hit it with my broom but it moved to the side and swiped at me with its sharp claws. I fell to the ground and looked at my bleeding scar. I limped over the road as fast as I could. I felt a thud behind me. As I turned my head I watched two shadows run away from the beast. Still limping I looked at the fallen beast, he snorted. I looked at him for a minute and suddenlly ripped one of his claws off and impaled him with it…

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