Omagh Library of the Future by Danielle, aged 11, from Omagh

A captivating library filled with enchanted books and a magical atmosphere, where robotic librarians tell jokes instead of giving out information.


Name: Danielle

Age: 11

Location: Omagh, Northern Ireland


Explore the magical world of Omagh Library, where books come to life and the librarians of the future are robots with a sense of humor.


My local library is called: Omagh Library

What’s your local library like? It’s comfortable, has lots of good books in it.It has computers and things that children can play or do homework on.

What will it be like in the year 2150? It will have T.Vs everywhere,a chocolate fountain in it and it will be very big inside and small outside. There will be loads of books and when you open a book you can watch the story.

What will the librarians be like in the year 2150? The librarians will be robots and will be telling jokes instead of giving out information.

What do you like about using the library now? I can get books out for free and I can use the computer.

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