Little Infinity by Rachel, aged 12, from South Tyneside, England

illustration that captures the magical moment when Sammy discovers the hidden cottage


Author: Rachel

Age: 12

Location: South Tyneside, England


Little Infinity is a thrilling adventure of a young boy named Sammy who stumbles upon a hidden cottage in the forest. Little does he know that a mad scientist is creating a monstrous creature inside!

The Story

Sammy had been walking through the forest for hours trying to find the cursed diamond sword that he didn’t believe in at all, it was getting dark and he was getting scared. He was frightened of every sound from a stick cracking, to an owl hooting. The ground was getting damper as it started to rain. Sammy was running through the forest looking for a place to stay for the night. After a while of walking and getting soaking he came across a hill that he had never seen before. So he wandered off up the hill and to his surprise there was a cottage on the very top of the hill. As he climbed to where the cottage was he saw bright flashing lights in the window, different colours every time and there was smoke seeping through the gaps in the door. He could smell the smoke it was making him cough, all he could taste was a burning sensation in his mouth. Wizz, bang, crackle, pop went what Sammy thought was a fire. He knocked the door but the only thing he could hear was an evil “mwa ha ha ha” He knocked again, knock…. knock…. knock on the big, black, wooden door, but still no answer. So he opened the door it gave out a loud creak but he wasn’t hear he opened it out of curiosity and what he saw he would never forget. I mean would you forget if you had seen what he had seen? A mad scientist making a 4 metre high MONSTER!!!! it could have easily been Frankenstein’s monsters cousin it could have been but we’ll never really know it looked like Frankenstein’s monster electric volts in the neck scars on the forehead the only difference was this monster had orange skin, if it was skin anyway. “Life, life to you, awake from your slumber” the mad scientist chanted and the monster sat up and grew. Sammy was still watching this the scientist looked around and saw Sammy “you you” he shouted “Sorry sir” said Sammy “I was only trying to find a place to stay.” Not right now my boy we’ve got bigger problems” the scientist said as the monster was still growing. As the monster grew just bigger than a house it stopped and started crushing everything in his path from cars, to trees, to houses the whole town was at risk of getting squished by a 800kg beast he stampeded all the way to Switzerland to the Swiss alps. Through water, mud and marshes he marched to Monte Rosa the highest point in the Swiss alps he climbed with ease up the 4634 metre rocky, icy covered mountain. His thundering footsteps almost caused an avalanche BANG BANG went his huge feet crushing trees until he got to the highest point. Well after he was on it it wasn’t really a point any more it was more of a giant plate. He sat down on it and watched the incredible sunset then went to sleep he woke up to a lovely sunrise feeling calm refreshed. As he stood up he saw a green figure moving slowly up the mountain, it looked like him but it had green skin he immediately recognised the face. It was Frankenstein’s monster his long lost cousin “come on come on” the orange monster shouted as happy as a lonely monster could get. He was crying with tears of joy he couldn’t believe it Frankenstein’s monster ran up the mountain as quick as he could. They then gave each other a big cuddle, they were crying in each others arms it was the happiest day of their lives since they were created” I love you” they said to each other crying and they slowly began to shrink. Their hands turned peach their skin turned peach they were turning human the orange monster had bright blue eyes and ginger hair and Frankenstein’s monster had black hair and really dark brown eyes. The orange monster said “we are human no one will run away from us anymore “I am changing my name to Benny.” “I’m changing my name to Frank “said Frankenstein’s monster.” “Come on let’s go to a restaurant. I am starving, I need a burger and maybe some fries “said Benny “Good idea” said Frank They are still living a very happy life; both aged 45 living in Essex maybe you have visited one of their restaurants? They like taking long holidays anywhere and everywhere so you may have already seen them they are inseparable.

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