Dinosaur! by Nadia, aged 10, from Banbridge, Northern Ireland

Children's storybook illustration of a young explorer facing a towering dinosaur in a vibrant prehistoric world


Name: Nadia

Age: 10

Location: Banbridge, Northern Ireland


Embark on a thrilling adventure to the land of dinosaurs, where a brave young explorer encounters these magnificent creatures up close.


He heard the heavy footsteps of the beast he had feared. He turned to run but his jumper got caught. He pulled as hard as he could but it was no use.
If he couldn’t run he would have to hide. He managed to get to a bush that was not far away. He ducked down and covered his head with his hands.
Not long after, the footsteps stopped and he lifted his head. There was nothing there. He knew he was safe and ran home quickly in case the dinosaur was still there. He was safe and never went out on his own again.

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