Story Start by Tommy Donbavand

I ran - faster than I'd ever run before. I could hear the creature's claws clicking and scratching on the ground as it gave chase, and feel its hot breath burning the back of my neck. If only I hadn't broken into the cellar and discovered what my Dad had been doing down there all these years. If only I'd let him keep his secrets, then maybe I'd be safe.

The beast was almost upon me; I knew I'd never be able to out-run it. I turned the corner, skidding on the wet pavement and scanned the area for anything that could be used as a weapon. It was time to make a stand.

I spotted a broom resting against a wall and grabbed it. It wouldn't cause much damage, but it was the best chance I had. Then I turned, and...

Chris, aged 11, from Perth and Kinross, Scotland has continued this story start

The Beast Within

It was charging at me with claws like knives and a breath like a sewer rat. It suddenly came to a halt about 10 feet away from me and roared. I ran up to it and tried to hit it with my broom but it moved to the side and swiped at me with its sharp claws. I fell to the ground and looked at my bleeding scar. I limped over the road as fast as I could. I felt a thud behind me. As I turned my head I watched two shadows run away from the beast. Still limping I looked at the fallen beast, he snorted. I looked at him for a minute and suddenlly ripped one of his claws off and impaled him with it...

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