Stories from the Web - Children's Writing Gallery

Stories from the Web - Children's Writing Gallery

Little Infinity by Rachel , aged 12, from South Tyneside, England

Autumn poem by Niall, aged 9, from Omagh Northern Ireland. CO.Tyrone

Monster Crush by Eve, aged 9, from Rhondda, South Wales

My Bog Poeming by Cory, aged 3, from Cae Garw, Wales

The Optition by Alice , aged 7, from Scotland

Nice day out with mummy. x by Ashton, aged 6 , from Jarrow

My Cat by Ria, aged 8, from Hayes, Hillingdon

Geckos are sacred. Don't kill Geckos or you will have to eat 5 courses of CHEESE AND PICKLE SANDWICHES!!!!!!!! Horses are to be made into food, and Cows are to be ridden. Carrier Eagles are used to carry messages. No cars - just Cows! No electricity - just books! Everyone must live in Tree Houses. by Alfie, aged 9, from Dorset, England

The Magic Treehouse by Kerry, aged 9, from Northern Ireland

A Windy Day by Dearbhla, aged 9, from Northern Ireland

Vampire by Jane, aged 9, from East Dunbartonshire

Little Star by Ellie, aged 8, from Northern Ireland

Dave by Aine K, aged 9, from Northern Ireland

The Day Before Yesterday by Meranie, aged 9, from Luton, England

Milly by Abigail, aged 7, from Dorset, England

Tim Can by Melissa , aged 10, from Paisley

Christmas by Kerys, aged 7, from Paisley, Renfrewshire

Santa by Chris, aged 8, from Birmingham, England

Christmas by Liberty, aged 10 years old, from Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

My Favourite Book Character by Rebekah, aged 9, from Lurgan Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland

Dinosaur! by Nadia, aged 10, from Banbridge, Northern Ireland

Pink by Abbey-lei, aged 10, from Killyclogher, Northern Ireland

I want to have an iPad for Christmas. by Leah, aged 11, from Rhondda, South Wales

Time Stood Still by Joshua , aged 8, from Spring Hill, Birmingham, England

The Reader and the Old Library by Lisa, aged 10, from Inverclyde, Scotland

Dewy the Little Library Cat by Orla, aged 11 , from The Smiley Book Club, Northern Ireland

Omagh Library by Danielle , aged 11, from Omagh

The Red Robot and the Rabbit by Ella, Willow, Carlotta, Jodie , aged 10-11, from Poole, England

The Beast Within by Chris, aged 11, from Perth and Kinross, Scotland

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